Delegation Profiles

General Conference Delegates

Ellen Alston
Head of Delegation (elder), Superintendent of Alexandria District

Andy Goff
Clergy Delegate (elder), Senior Pastor of Cornerstone UMC, New Orleans

Pat Day
Clergy Delegate (elder), Senior Pastor of First UMC, Shreveport

Larry Miller
Clergy Delegate (elder), Executive Director of Administrative Services/Treasurer/Statistician

Bernadine Johnson
Clergy Delegate (deacon), Attorney/University UMC, Baton Rouge

Sarah Kreutziger
Lay Delegate, Munholland UMC, Metairie

Buzzy Anding
Lay Delegate, Broadmoor UMC, Baton Rouge

Olivia Pruett
Lay Delegate, Henning Memorial, Sulphur

Pete Aguila
Lay Delegate, University UMC, Baton Rouge

Carolyn Dove
Lay Delegate, First UMC, Many

Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

Katie McKay Simpson
Clergy Delegate (elder), Minister of Discipleship and Evangelism at First UMC, Baton Rouge

Fred Wideman
Clergy Delegate (elder), Senior Pastor of Broadmoor UMC, Baton Rouge

Donald Avery
Clergy Delegate (elder), Superintendent of Shreveport District

RamonaLynn Bethley
Clergy Delegate (elder), Superintendent of New Orleans District

Larry Stafford
Clergy Delegate (elder), Senior Pastor of First UMC Monroe

Juan Huertas
Clergy Delegate (elder), Senior Pastor of St. John’s UMC, Baton Rouge

Lynn Malone
Clergy Delegate (elder), Superintendent of Monroe District

Edna Hickman
Lay Delegate, St. Mark, Baton Rouge

Terrel DeVille
Lay Delegate, First UMC, Homer

Rachel Scott
Lay Delegate, Noel UMC, Shreveport

Tim Hebert
Lay Delegate, First UMC, Houma

Rob Fairly
Lay Delegate, First UMC, Baton Rouge

Anita Crump
Lay Delegate, Bethany UMC, New Orleans

Henry Stamper
Lay Delegate, Neely UMC, Baton Rouge


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