UMC Shifts: Guaranteed Appointment

The elimination of guaranteed appointment was approved this morning on the consent calendar with no discussion or debate. The reconsideration of this petition that was passed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry failed with 373 voting yes and 514 voting no. There were mixed reactions from the floor when I talked with delegates during break: some believed that this shift in our church was so crucial that it deserved conversation from the whole body instead of one isolated committee, and yet there were others that trusted the decisive vote of the committee and accepted it as an expected result.

In watching Twitter feeds, young clergy were largely supportive of the move, particularly considering the added amendments that increase protections and transparency to guard against discrimination of Cabinets and Bishops when choosing to appoint or not appoint clergy in each Annual Conference.

Here’s a more comprehensive reflection on it from a young clergywoman from the South Central Jurisdiction:

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  1. Bernadine Johnson says:

    As member of the Ministry and Higher Education Legislative Committee that recommended adoption of the legislation that removed ‘guaranteed’ appointments, I point out that the change was recommended by the Study of Ministry Commission and has been widely discussed and debated around the connection. The recommendation was included on the Consent Calendar published on Saturday. By the rules of the General Conference, the signatures of only 20 delegates are needed to remove a matter from the Consent Calendar. Apparently, there were not 20 delegates who thought this matter warranted discussion by the whole body. The elder who sought reconsideration admitted that he voted for adoption without reading what was included on the DCA Consent Calendar.

    Bernadine Johnson

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