Biggest Tweets of the Morning

Mike Baughman (@ireverant)
4/28/12 9:07 AM
M&HE committee voted to end guaranteed appointment system by a vote of 68-7. #gc2012

Rev. Jeremy Smith (@umjeremy)
4/28/12 9:09 AM
Motion to substitute the #MFSA plan for General Boards makeup (a substantial chunk of the plan) passes 12-5. #gc2012 // this is HUGE.

Kevin Miller @revkevumc

M&HE subcommittee discussing removing commissioning petitions are discussing whether ordination is functional or ontological.#gc2012

Amy Lippoldt @amylippoldt

M&HE subcommittee defeats early ordination 16 to 11 #gc2012

Rev. Jeremy Smith @umjeremy

SubComm voted to separate GCORR and COSROW from under GBCS and keep them as independent boards. #gc2012 #umc#whewthisISreallyimportant

Mark Calhoun ? @mtnprofet

#faithandorder preparing for its full committee work on #petition20994 paragraph #304 #gc2012 #humansexuality#ordination

Kris Perry @revkrisperry

RT @methoblog: Sub-Committee Votes to End Guaranteed Appointments with Attached “Mueller Amendment” #gc2012

***Rev. Gary Mueller is one of our Episcopal candidates in the South Central Jurisdiction from The Nortwest Texas Conference.  He serves as a pastor in Plano, TX.


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  1. Amy Mercer says:

    Thanks for the updates

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